Everything You Need to Know About Shimano and SRAM Cassettes

Cassettes are an important part of a cyclist’s equipment. They make it possible to change gears and come in different sizes and speeds to accommodate cyclists’ needs. Shimano and SRAM are two of the most popular brands of cassettes, but what’s the difference between them? This article will compare Shimano and SRAM cassettes to help … Read more

What Specifically Makes Mountain Biking So Tiring?

There are many factors that contribute to mountain biking being such a tiring sport. First, the constantly changing terrain can be quite demanding on your legs and lungs. Uphill sections require a lot of leg power, while downhill sections test your endurance as you navigate through rough terrain. Additionally, the mental focus required to safely … Read more

Do Clipless Pedals Help Climbing?

There’s been a lot of talk about clipless pedals for mountain biking. Some people swear by them for their climbing ability, while others say they’re not really necessary and just add more weight to your bike. So, do clipless pedals help with climbing? Let’s take a closer look.  First of all, it’s important to understand … Read more

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